Mineral Earth  - by UK Mineral Make Up Ltd
RRP £120.00
This amazing Wallet contains almost everything necessary for a complete make up application.  With the addition of a lip gloss and mascara you have all you need.
The foundation can be used as a foundation, powder and concealer and the two blushers can also be used as a lip colour.  Simply apply the blusher of your choice to your lips and swipe over with a gloss and you have the perfect lip colour to match your blusher.  There are four eye shadow colours and you can choose them to use as a brow colour or, with the addition of a drop of water, use any of them as an eyeliner.
All the colours in the Wallet are magnetic and can be easily replaced by just flipping out the old and popping in the new and as the slim, silver-coloured magnetic Wallet can easily slip into your bag it is perfect for travelling.
It can be custom made with your own colours and cost £110.00.

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