Mineral Earth  - by UK Mineral Make Up Ltd
Luscious Kabuki Brush
The brush you use to apply your mineral make up makes a huge difference to the effect you get.
The most important factor when choosing your brushes is the hair.  The cut of the hair is the way that it is harvested. Our brushes are made from first-cut fur which makes the softest makeup brushes. First-cut (top grade) hair, is also cruelty-free, as the hair is sheared from the tips of the fur. That is why they are the softest on your skin.  It is the difference between the soft hair on your arms and the stubble on your legs! 
Cheaper brushes are blunt-cut hair.  Blunt-cut hair refers to the ‘lower’ cut of the fur. They are much coarser and can feel prickly against your skin.  Our Luscious Kabuki Brushes are treated with glycolic acid to ensure that they are as soft as they can possibly be.
Our high quality brushes are hand made, not machine cut, as hand shaped make up brushes have their precious softness still intact. The machine cannot compete with hand cut brushes - that’s because machines can’t shape the make up brushes without sacrificing the soft tips of the hair. That is why, high quality makeup brushes are hand made and are usually more expensive.
To look after your brush about once a fortnight gently wash it in an anti-bacterial shampoo and rinse thoroughly.  Don't allow to sit in water.  Air dry.