Mineral Earth  - by UK Mineral Make Up Ltd
This product contains our pure mineral foundation and a gentle oat powder to help to balance and soothe irritated skin.  Doctors often recommend oats to calm irritated skin conditions.  This oat powder can be used all over the face to hide redness caused by rosacea or broken veins, it can help to disguise dark circles under the eyes, it can be used to help absorb excess oils on the skin and can calm irritated skin.  Because it does not contain any talc you can use it on any skin type and will not dry the skin so it is suitable for everyone to use.
It is skin healthy and can be used by anyone but is particularly useful if you have large pores as it will settle into the pores to diminish their appearance.
Easy to apply - just put a little into the lid and swirl your Luscious Kabuki brush in the product, tap off any excess and then gently press on to the affected areas or, if preferred, use all over the face and neck to balance the skin colour and tone.
RRP £32.00