Mineral Earth - Brush Prices
Mineral Earth  - by UK Mineral Make Up Ltd
We have over 300 brushes in our range and if you would like to receive a cataolgue with a price list please use our 'Contact Us' facility.
Our Brushes are made from first hair which is the softest type of hair and the only cruelty free type of hair.  The difference between first cut hair and conventional hair is the difference between the soft hair on your arms and the stubble on your legs!  They are hand cut, hand tied and dipped in glue then baked in an oven to ensure that they retain the hair without moulting.
  1. Powder Dome
  2. Powder Blush
  3. Blush Dome
  4. Large Angle Fluff
  5. Deluxe Oval
  6. Large Shadow
  7. Powder Crease
  8. Small Angle Fluff
  9. Concealer/Lip
  10. Sable Angle
  11. Sable Detailer
  12. Eyeliner
  13. Brow/Lash Groomer
  14. Duo Deluxe Spooly
  15. Duo Mini Smudger
  16. Covered Lip
  17. Capra Purse Dome
  18. Luscious Dome
  19. Luscious Kabuki
  20. Pink Flocked Sponge
£  9.00
£  8.00
£  9.00
£  6.00
£  4.00
To ensure you get the best results from your brushes they should be washed about every two weeks.  Apply a little gentle hair shampoo and massage in gently with some tepid water.  Hold under a running tap of tepid water and massage until the water runs clean then gently squeeze out any excess water and leave overnight to air dry.