Mineral Earth  - by UK Mineral Make Up Ltd
Application of Minerals
Ensure that the face is dry and that any moisturiser has penetrated into the skin (if in doubt - blot the skin with a clean tissue).  Apply crème to powder concealer to any areas of concern.  Apply the foundation to either a Luscious Kabuki brush (for natural coverage), Powder Dome (for very light coverage – particularly suitable for black or very dark skins who need light application a few times rather than one heavier application) or a Capra Purse brush (for extra coverage on areas of concern like broken veins or rosacea) and tap off any excess powder. 
Start on the forehead and work the powder into the skin in small circular motions going all over the face, including eyelids and lips, and if you have short hair or wear your hair up apply the foundation to the ears as well.  This will ensure that the ears are the same colour as the rest of the face and will also protect the ears from UVA/UVB rays.  The reason for using circular movements is to ensure that all the soft downy hair on the face is lifted and that colour is applied under the hair (otherwise when the hair is moved there could be a difference in colour).  Once the foundation has been applied use the brush in a downwards movement to stroke all across the face to ensure that any excess powder has been removed and that all the downy hair has been flattened against the face again. 
If you should get hot and perspire or get caught in the rain blot gently with a tissue to remove excess moisture – DO NOT RUB or you will remove the powder from your face.  
Don’t forget that you can use the foundation, blusher and eye shadow anywhere on your face.  Foundations can be used as blusher, blusher can be used as eye shadow or lipstick, eye shadow can be used as eye liner, etc.  Try it and see!
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